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Dog's Fascination With the Rats at 'PetSmart' Is Just Too Cute

We like to think taking our fur besties to the pet store is like a kid walking into a candy or toy shop. Eyes wide open, staring in amazement at all the wonderful goodies in every aisle. Our pets are probably in awe of the number of bones and toys there are. And they can't believe there are even other animals that live there, which is why a trip to the pet store is always an adventure for them. 

We personally like what TikTok user @vickybfitness calls the pet store. She said the pet store is like TV time for her dog. HA! And she's not wrong! In a recent TikTok clip, she showed her pup stopped in front of the rat cage. You'd seriously think he was watching TV with how this dog is acting. Any guesses on what is going on in this pup's head?!

LOL! We've never seen a dog so focused before! He was intently staring, curious about the little critters. The creator was right on point about it being the dog's version of TV. It's so relatable! We've all got sucked into a TV show before and forgot about the rest of the world. Or maybe this dog was going what @dj said, "He's doing research." If he stares long enough, he'll understand everything about the rats!

TikTok users are comparing the trip to the pet store with different scenarios besides watching TV. @user6094052615934 joked, "Well, it's a pets' "grocery" store. If humans can choose their lobster, why can't furry babies choose their snack?🤔😹😹😹😹😹😹" LOL! We do this already with our pets! We let our puppos pick out a toy or bone every time we go. Or our personal favorite is what @butfirstcoffee3 said. The comment reads, "My dog loves the pet store, we call it a trip to the zoo." O.M.G. We're definitely going to call it a zoo from now on! 

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In case this mom needs it, we have a solution to stopping her dog from staring at the animals in the pet store all day long. Why doesn't the mom just buy some rats and bring them home for her dog?! That was he'll have easy access to the TV anytime he wants! LOL! 

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