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Dog's Obsession With Watching Her 'Squirrel Feeder' Is Too Cute to Resist

Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that bring us the greatest pleasure. This is definitely the case for one family who bought a squirrel feeder to attach to one of the windows in their home. In a video that was shared on TikTok by @hbetsing, you'll see the family's Staffordshire Terrier sitting in front of the window, enjoying every minute of watching the squirrels have their snack.

With 2.3 million views and counting, so many people are just as entertained by this pup as she is by the squirrels. Just wait until you see how cute the dog is with her nose pressed up against the glass, intently focused on watching her furry friends. 

Could this be any more perfect? This dog just looks so content with gazing away at the squirrels. @Mark Shannon had a good suggestion for the pup's owners: "Put her bowl right there. The squirrel will have a dog feeder. 😂." LOL! And @Marla added, "Aww, so sweet, I have a bird feeder on my window and my dogs just watch them 🥰."

Most commenters, however, indicated that there's no way their dogs would sit and watch those squirrels patiently like this pup. They all agree they'd have a broken window! @Ryan even joked, "Post a video of when the window is gone 😅."

Surprisingly enough, this dog seems perfectly happy to just watch the squirrels, not try to attack them. Maybe sitting there and staring at them is therapeutic or relaxing for her? Whatever the case, she'll be one very happy pup as long as the squirrels keep coming back!