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Dog's Precious Way of Watching iPad Videos Is Our New Favorite Thing

The amount of times we've been told as a kid to step back from the TV is honestly too many to remember. Our parents would always yell at us for sitting too close, claiming that it was going to hurt our eyes. We clearly didn't understand it then, but it's true! You can definitely strain your eyes when you're too close to a screen. That's even more true now with phones and tablets with us at all times. And we're sure one day we'll be passing along that tidbit of info to our kids. 

Never did we think we'd need to say it to our pets, but TikTok user @10lb_billie is showing us that our dogs too can get sucked into screens. The owner's Jack Russell Terrier apparently loves watching the iPad. So much so that she dives head first into the screen. It reminds us exactly how we were as kids. The caption even reads, "Why I can't leave Billie alone with the iPad." You'll be LOLing when you see how close this doggie gets! 

O.M.G. This dog is seriously nose deep in the screen, wondering how those characters even got there in the first place. We can't imagine how difficult it would be to pull her away. She's glued to the iPad! LOL! In her defense, we think she's doing what @CinCin wrote. The comment reads, "A lot of thought processing going on. Amazing ❤️." 

Another TikTok user, @suelopez1955, said, "She watches up close and personal 😂." She's just trying to make sure she doesn't miss a thing! Although, someone should tell her she can see more if she sits back. LOL! 

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"She looks like a lil cartoon character herself...precious," wrote @amsonlytams. HA! Maybe that's why she's sitting so close. She thinks, if they're doing it she can too. Whatever the case might be, it's hilarious! Let's just hope she doesn't need glasses!

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