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Dog Who Loves Waving at People From the Car Has Everyone Obsessed

When out in public, your dog can be one of two things - a barking machine or a snuggle bug. There's usually no in between. If they are barking, don't blame them. They're just being protective! And if they want to get some love from strangers, let them! You never know how much your dog could brighten up a person's day. Take for instance this very friendly Golden Retriever.

A dog named Oakley, or @oakleys.big.advenutres on TikTok, was sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was in a parking lot. The video text reads, "POV: your dog is obsessed with attention and waves/stares at everyone that passes." HA! We wouldn't say he's obsessed with attention. It looks more like he wanted to be the parking lot greeter! And boy, did he do a great job. We could watch him all day long! 

O.M.G. If we're going to use the word obsessed, it's going to be about us and how we're obsessed with Oakley! He did the bestest job ever at waving to everyone passing by. And he had a smile on his face the entire time. Ugh, so cute! 

“I would scream of joy if your dog waved at me,” said @Alexis Osetek. Ain’t that the truth! @Apple User953678595 added, “Your dog is obsessed with attention… me obsessed with giving dogs attention.” Ha! We would forget whatever errands we had to run if we saw Oakley greeting us. It wouldn’t be weird to stop and wave back right…LOL! Even the official TikTok account of Petco waved back!  👋🏼,” the comment said. 

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Another user, @larissaaaaaa16 asked a very important question, “Is he a Leo?” And the answer was…YES! Ha, this all makes sense! Leos love being the center of attention and they’re usually the life of the party. And clearly, Oakley fits into that mold. How could he not be the life of the party? He’s too cute to ignore!

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