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Dog Gets Announced at Wedding Ceremony Before His Parents and We're So Here For It

Weddings are wonderful celebrations of love that is shared with the couple's closest friends and family. It's only fitting that beloved pets are included in such a special occasion as well. One couple included their dog in their wedding, and he even got a special shout out at the end of the ceremony in this amazing video.

FairyTail Pet Care is a wedding day pet care service offered in cities across the country. On their TikTok, @fairytail_petcare, they recently shared a video of one of their clients, a Golden Doodle named Farley, at his parent's wedding. Check out the video to see Farley's special moment toward the end of his parents' ceremony!

Awww, congratulations to Farley! We're thrilled this pup was included in his mom and dad's celebration of love, and it's awesome that his new last name was announced before his mom! This is such a special moment for a special pup.

People in the comments are loving how eager this pup is to start celebrating. @awinklerintime said, "Farley is ready to get the party started!" and @sueleemar1966 commented, "Farley is ready to party hardy." After his name announcement, Farley didn't even want to wait for his mom's announcement—he was ready to go party!

Others were congratulated Farley on his special moment. @littleluna.and.lola commented, "Aww, love this! Congrats Farley!" and @jennlovesm5 said, "This was the most important part of the whole day LOL." Farley's announcement definitely outshined the bride and groom on their wedding day!

We love the idea of giving your pup a special name announcement after the wedding ceremony to show the family dog is just as much your partner's as they are your's now. It signifies the start of a loving family, and we know the dogs love to be included, just like Farley was!

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