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Photo of Dog 'Having Her Moment' During a Wedding Celebration Is So Irresistible

The wedding day might be all about the bride and groom, but when their sociable pup joins for the celebrations, they're likely to steal the show. That's exactly what Maddie did when her paw-rents got married, and we are living for it. The gorgeous girl made her way down the aisle wearing a stunning floral collar and an even more stunning smile, but one particular photo of her was the highlight of her TikTok video.

Her momma shared the video on Maddie's TikTok account, @adventuresofmaddie, and the views are taking off. She's the most beautiful flower girl we've ever seen! 

If this isn't the most perfect video, we don't know what is! Maddie looks like the happiest doggo we ever did see, and her floral collar is to die for. No wonder her commenters are fawning over her!

"Omg Maddie! You’re a gorgeous flower girl! 🥰," gushed @andreargnc. Isn't she? We're shocked that anyone was still looking for the bride after seeing this precious girl! In fact, no one was even looking for the man cropped out of this picture. @Misscat812 said, "i didn't even register that there was a man cut out of this photo," and honestly, we're still LOL-ing.

"Maddie is the center of attention ALWAYS 🤍," wrote @thecarmutt. Exactly! It might be someone else's wedding day, but when she's around, all eyes are on her. This audio is literally perfect with this photo, too! 

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