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Dog Brings Mom 'Welcome Home Gifts' Every Single Day and We're Obsessed

Video of a Labrador Retriever greeting his owner with a "welcome home gift" has people all over the internet in a tizzy. Not only is the pup being so helpful to his mama, but the tiny treasures really show how much he cares and loves his owner. Take a look!

TikTok creator @good.boy.ollie just had to catch her hysterical pup in action, after noticing that Ollie had an unusual way of greeting her at the door each day. "The best part of my day is seeing what my dog brings me as a welcome home gift," she wrote in the video's text overlay. The footage shows Ollie bringing his mama several gifts — some useful, others... not so much. Take a look below at all the "gifts" that Ollie gave his mama. 

"Which was your favorite?" the dog mama wrote in the caption. People in the comments section had a lot of opinions about this one. But the over two million people who watched the video all seemed to agree that Ollie was just the best. 

"He’s such a good boy omg," @x.random.x.pokemon.x wrote in the comments section. "My favorite is the tape," @milli777777 joked. "He is making sure your house is clean," @hamster693 kidded. "The dish cloth like he was just washing the dishes and came to the door like 'oh you're already home?'" @xxlinaxx13 quipped.

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We'd love to think that Ollie was just helping his mama around the house — just think of it, a dog who could clean! But realistically he's probably seen his owner use these items around the house and wants to make her happy. Thank goodness this owner got it all on video, so we could share in the cuteness. 

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