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Video of Little Paralyzed Dog in Canada Waiting for Her New Wheelchair Is Breaking Hearts

It's heartbreaking to think about an animal with mobility issues unable to get the equipment they need, but that's the case with beautiful Honey at @DogTalesRescue in Ontario, Canada. The kind souls at Dog Tales Rescue explain that they have welcomed some "very special souls" to their sanctuary, and the following video will show you why Honey is such a honey. 

We can't resist her, and we highly doubt you'll be able to either! 

What beautiful, soulful eyes. Both of Honey's friends, Melody and Charlie, have already received their wheelchairs, and the team at the sanctuary welcomed a team to fit Honey for her wheelchair as well. The main issue is, equipments like this for dogs is expensive and Honey's wheelchair is estimated to be around $1600.  

People in the comments expressed gratitude for the amazing work the shelter is doing, and all their best wishes for beautiful Honey. @Lilacheaven11 said, "Such a cutie!!! Honey deserves better!" Another TikTok viewer, @Jess S added, " All the prayers and best of luck to you, Honey!!! You’re going to get those wheels!!!" The sanctuary commented, "Thank you SO much to all who have donated towards our special girl Honey. We cannot wait to see her take her first steps once again." We can all agree that this baby needs to be mobile again. If you would like to donate towards a wheelchair for Honey, you can do so at this link

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