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Video of Mom Trying to Teach Her Dog to 'Whisper-Bark' is Too Funny

If you live in an apartment, you know that the hardest part of owning a dog is when they're feeling chatty. Barking can really put you at odds with your neighbors, which is most likely why one woman was determined to teach her dog to "whisper-bark" (i.e. bark really, really quietly). And people online were absolutely loving it.

The footage was later shared by Andee W. ( or @andeeeeee33 as she goes by online), who explained elsewhere on her page that she was watching her sister-in-law's dog Zeke. Clearly Zeke had something on his mind, but Andee had to make sure the pup didn't get too rowdy. "Whisper-bark," she told Zeke in the footage. "No, quiet whisper. You whisper-bark, you go ruff," she added. But you'll have to watch the video yourself to see if Zeke took her note.

"No barking allowed in the apartment, so we gotta whisper," Andee wrote in the caption.

Zeke's attempt to keep his cool has reached over 12 million people online. "He for real understood it when you said 'yeah like that,'" @ladysunnyx wrote. "That dog's going to Harvard and I barely got out of public school," @bmad76 teased. "HOW DO THEY UNDERSTAND US?!" @heathergropp wondered. "When my Boxer starts barking I tell him to put his hair down and quiet bark. He totally follows instructions." "That’s hysterical..! Goes to show that dogs can listen more than kids today," @niceflyguy teased.

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In a second hilarious video on Andee's page, she showed off more of Zeke's talents. Namely, that he's an incredible singer! "Hollywood, let us know when you’re ready," she joked in the caption. 

Zeke is just so smart. Now who can tell us when this pup is going to release an album? 

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