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Video of Dog Trying in Vain to Win Over the Cats is Sweet Yet Sad at the Same Time

Dogs are very social creatures and like to make friends with everyone. On the flip side, cats can be a bit more reclusive and selective with their friendship. This can create a challenge for dogs that try to befriend the cats in their family, and one pup is making valiant attempts to win over the family felines.

TikTok user @koepkaandseve recently shared a video of their dogs and cats interacting with each other. In the video, the cats, Napoleon and Woods, are laying on the couch while one of the dogs, Seve, puts his head on the pillow next to them and tries to get chummy with the cats. Check out the video to see how this dog's gestures are received by the cat duo.

Aww, this is too cute! You can tell Seve really wants to be best friends with these cats, but they are experiencing some hesitation. However, there is definitely potential for friendship to form!

People in the comments love Seve for trying to be friends with the cats, and they are hopeful for a positive outcome! @meghanbreustedtlarsen said, "They know he is gentle already because they aren’t boxing his face. Sweet baby, you will be buds in no time." Another user, @kimbe2119, commented, "The gray cat wanted to smack him, but he was too sweet." Just a little bit more patience and kindness and Seve will have them won over in no time!

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Others think that the cats already decided they liked him, but they're playing hard to get. @stachensnow commented, "If the cats let him in their personal space like this, then he’s definitely loved," and @dogandcatlove55 said, "That cat gave him the paw of approval." We expect these kitties to give up their act any day now and finally admit they love Seve!

We can tell Seve really loves these cats, and we just hope his efforts to win them over aren't in vain! The poor pup would be heartbroken if his friendship was rejected.

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