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Dog Shows Off Her 'Winter Snow Pants' and We Just Can't Get Enough

As the colder months creep in, we're all starting to get comfy and cozy in our own ways. Just take a look at Juno the adorable Sheepadoodle--she's rocking her new 'winter snow pants,' and we can't get enough! Neither can her followers, obviously, but now all of TikTok is loving this new fashion trend.

In addition to being positively precious, we think @herecomesjuno makes the perfect model for these snow pants. Being the fashionista she is, we're shocked she doesn't run into pupperazzi more often!

Just look at her struttin' her stuff! Juno's confidence alone is enough to make us want these pants for our dogs (and even ourselves, let's be honest), but we don't think anyone will rock them the way she does. The commenters agree!

"I got some for my spaniel," shared viewer @spannermom. "Best purchase ever!" By looks alone, we totally agree--but we didn't even think of the amazing benefits these can have in the snow! @Kittiecutie79 said, "I need to get these for my curly coated pup, he gets snowballs hanging from his hair in the winter." Well, what are you waiting for? As Game of Thrones' House Stark would say, "winter is coming!"

Besides, you and your pup won't be the only ones enjoying the new snowsuit. Commenter @itsmimi811 confessed, "my neighbour has these for his dog...I hear them swooshing down the road before I see them." That's too cute! We love a comfy, happy doggo--don't you? 

Though everything about this video makes us smile, one comment, in particular, reminded us of the early meme days of the Internet. "Omg he did it…" @morgan.scarborough wrote, "he answered the question 'if a dog wore pants how would they wear them…'” History has been made! 

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