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Bernese Mountain Dog Who Has Vitiligo Couldn't Be More Stunning

Vitiligo is a very rare skin condition that causes a patchy loss of skin pigment. It can also happen in cats and dogs. This condition usually affects a dog’s face or his muzzle, but it can show up on other parts of his body as well. It's a painless condition that won't have any affect on your dog's health, although certain short haired breeds who develop Vitiligo may require cream for their skin from your vet. Even though it may be alarming to dog owner's who first see it develop, it won't affect your dog's health or temperament at all. It will just make them look different from other dogs of the same breed. 

Or in the case of TikTok user's @Fannyasfresh's dog Fanny, drop dead gorgeous. Just wait until you see this truly stunning baby. She's just so beautiful. 

What a showstopper! We love her little mask. @Brandi does too, replying, "She's beautiful. I have vitiligo and everyone thought it was contagious but it's not. Love how she looks." @Chris says, "It’s an ice cream doggo! Vanilla ice cream with choco and caramel syrup!" LOL! @Ronana adds when discussing the genetic defect of vitiligo, "I say it again! More like gene PERFECT."

She is just perfect. It's so wonderful seeing what nature comes up with in dog breeds, and how different dogs can look even amongst members of the same breed. All we know is that if we say Fanny walking down our street we would definitely ask if we can pet this lovely lady! 

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