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Chocolate Lab Serves as a Witness at Couple's Colorado Wedding and It's Just Perfect

When you get married, there's no one you want at your ceremony more than your dog. They're a huge part of your life! So we can only imagine how excited one couple was when they learned that their Chocolate Lab could be the witness at their wedding. Wahoo! The TikToker, Mikkelle Carlson (@mikkellecarlsonphoto) of Mikkelle Carlson Photography from Colorado, ultimately decided to share the hot tip with millions of people online and it's just so good. 

Carlson got the best photos of her clients' wedding day — pup included. The video shows the Lab's owners getting its paw print on their marriage license. So cute! "Did you know it is legal in Colorado to have your dog as your witness at your wedding/ elopement?! One paw print signature & you are officially husband + wife!" the video's caption reads. This is just so cool. Take a look at the video to see this pup in action!

With one 1 million views, people clearly were wowed by this new information. "I’m crying. We have a chocolate lab too & she’s our world. Can’t wait to experience this congratulations," @kaybdavis02 wrote in the comments section. "The vibes are immaculate, her dress, the love in their eyes, the scenery, the pupper… 50000/10 wedding!!" @cazachy531 praised. "We tried to get my dog to do this and she just smeared it on the license…" @kkolickoincolorado shared. "Does this work for cats too? Asking for a friend," @cutiekittyphoebe wondered. 

This is probably the best wedding we've ever seen, and is such a good way to include your fur-baby in your ceremony. Congrats!

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