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Dog Who Refuses to Eat His Food Without Mom Watching Is Such a Sweetheart

We all need a little help sometimes. But maybe not as much as one dog on the internet, who absolutely needs his mama by his side when he eats. We get it, we love to eat with company, too. But the attitude the pup named Gus gives her while he eats would make anyone a little wary to be his dinner guest.

Gus has a very specific feeding routine, as can be seen in a recent video on TikTok. First, he walks to his food bowl. Second, he glares at his mama, making sure that she sees him eating. “I think my dog is broken,” @Remdawgs. “I have to watch and cheer him on when he eats.” “Keep going. Keep going,” his mama can be heard pleading in the background. The look on Gus’ face is pretty darn funny!

LOL! Gus made a big splash, and people couldn’t stop laughing at his ridiculous theatrics. “Omg. I can’t with him,” @blonde_brat214 wrote. “He’s just a lil' self conscious. Happens to the best of us.. sweet boy,” @cass.readsss explained. “It’s because eating makes him vulnerable so he needs you to protect him,” @genesisalexander added.

And some people wrote that their dog does this as well. “My dog does this every day,” @laurenkelley242 commented. “My dog does this but requires me to literally spoon feed her,” @realrisanne wrote. “My dog totally does this, and it has to be placed exactly right or he’s mad about it being wrong,” @havenlyco added. To which, @Remdawgs shared that Gus is similarly picky. “Yes! Some days I have to put his food on a plate because he refuses the dog bowl,” she wrote.

But we think he's simply a dog of taste. Bon appétit, Gus!