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Video of Dog Joining Mom in Yoga Is a Timeline Cleanse

We think the reason why people say dogs are a man's (and woman's) best friend is that dogs will do just about anything and everything with us. It doesn't matter what it is or where you might be going, they just want to be involved. And that is just so sweet! 

For TikTok user @alicianphillips, her dog wanted to be involved with her workouts. Wish that's how we were with working out. LOL! She didn't teach him or show him the ropes and she definitely wasn't even expecting him to do this. He clearly has been learning and practicing on his own. And he's just showing off now!

Aww! He jumped right into the yoga position as soon as he saw his mom do it. Is this not the sweetest thing?! You can tell he just really wanted to be involved. He tried his best to mimic what she was doing and to us, he absolutely nailed it! We mean, check out the head stretch too. He was letting it go through his entire body!

We have a feeling that his thought process went a little something like this. First, he thought what @ariestaurusag said, "Mom you didn't tell me we were stretching." But that didn't stop him. The next thought was probably similar to @eliza_g1988's comment that reads, "Mama does the stretch, I do the stretch." And that's exactly what he did!  

"That is so cute! Smart boy!" wrote @MommaMeds. We've never seen a cuter yogi. He makes it look effortless! @skyecoyne added, "BIIIIIIG STRETCH!!!" He's more flexible than we are! LOL!


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