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Doggie Besties Waiting At the Back Door To Play Are Giving TikTok the Feels

Do you remember being a kid and wishing your best friend could live next door? It would've been a dream come true! For these pups and their parents in @halleykate's TikTok, though, our dream is their reality. Needless to say--we're jealous!

In the video, Halley shows her pup's best friends (AKA her best friends/neighbors' dogs) waiting patiently at her back door for their buddy to play. Of course, Halley's dog is just as excited to play with their canine friends, and their hellos are just the cutest! Let's just say, we want doggie besties like this!

How stinkin' cute is this? Not only do the neighbor pups just let themselves into the yard, but they're so polite and patient about seeing their friend. No wonder the commenters just love them (although, to be fair, so do we).

"THIS IS SO CUTE BYE. WHY CANT I HAVE DOGGY BESTIES," wrote @brysmama22. Our sentiments exactly. This scene is so wholesome and sweet; it's a great reminder of some of the truly important things in life: friends!

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"This is so fucking adorable I’m literally crying," @samiam_r said. "Like there’s visible tears running down my face right now, I'm not even kidding you." Aww! We totally get it--this is basically what every pet parent aspires to give their dog and their pup's besties. It's "honestly goals omg," as @arrizzzz put it.

Also, we'd just love to see this gate that connects the yards. Did they replace some fence paneling with a gate? Is this just really cool landscaping? We have so many questions! 

Until Halley posts an update, though, we'll be thoroughly enjoying this video of the besties meeting up. Other commenters like @delaney_manders are requesting "more dog content!!" so we're keeping our fingers crossed for more in the near future. 

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