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Video of Dalmatian Waiting for 'Doggie Donuts' at 'Krispy Kreme' Is Everything

If you haven't heard of puppuccinos at this point, you're probably living under a rock. To catch you up, coffee shops have been giving dogs these special order "drinks" called puppuccinos or pup-cups. And it's just a cup full of whipped cream for dogs and well, they're obsessed! But we're now learning of a new doggie treat that has us driving to our nearest Krispy Kreme. 

We bring you the doggie donut, which we discovered this thanks to TikTok user @doggiespotdalmatians. Krispy Kreme launched these doggie donuts on National Dog Day and they'll be here until supplies last. The treat comes in a box of six, safe-to-eat, dog treats that are shaped like a donut. In this clip, you'll see a Dalmatian waiting for his special treat and it's everything you need to get you through the week! 

AW! We don't know how, but this dog knew something more than just a pup-cup was coming his way. And he was being so patient! "He looks so happy when you're ordering," said @Snack That Review. He must know drive-thrus normally end with a tasty treat. LOL!

TikTok user @Graciela Cantu commented, "I think somebody should open a fast food restaurant for doggies 😂❤️I would take my baby to get some too lol." O.M.G. This is brilliant! Honestly, we're surprised no one has done this yet. And once they do, we'll be going there daily. LOL!

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"My location is sold out already," wrote @sheshe0679. Oh no! This just means we need to go immediately and treat our pups to the doggie donuts. Because once you see what they look like, you won't be able to resist. 

"Not me eating dog donuts," said @hamstermom2. HA! Those donuts honestly look so good that we'd eat them too! Plus, they're so cutely decorated. No one could pass this up!

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