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Video of Dogs Decked Out in 1980s Halloween Costumes Is the Best

We didn't realize how much we loved Halloween until seeing all the amazing costumes this year. Sorry, we mean all the fantastic dog costumes this year! Dog parents have truly stepped the bar up and we're here for it! Heck, even dog walkers are getting their furry customers' costumes! 

That's how TikTok doggos @kirbysdogland got their costume this year. The dog walker of these two Yellow Labradors picked out matching costumes and it's incredible. It is a blast from the past, fulling everyone's 80s fantasies. Check it out! 

Holy adorable! The colors, the zebra print pants. These 80's costumes are truly on point. And the fact that it had little hands carrying a stereo really took us out. Time to blast that 80s music down the block! 

"This is really fun!" said @MartyAllison. Right!? This is such a unique costume that we haven't seen before. Plus, it takes many of us back to the 80s when fashion was vibrant and the hairstyles were funky. Speaking of which, the only thing these dogs need is a wig to pull off the full look! 

TikTokers really can't get over how perfect this costume is. And neither can we! "So adorable," wrote @LoveRanger. We'd say the best costume of the year! Also, we can't forget to mention how sweet it was for the dog walker to get them costumes. That person deserves a raise because clearly, they love these dogs!  


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