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Story of Woman Rescuing 2 Abandoned Dogs Fills Us with Joy

As much as we all love hearing animal rescue stories and seeing how selfless humans are, it's also so sad to think about why those animals are abandoned in the first place. We will never understand how people can just leave these dogs in a field or tied up in the park. It's just beyond heartbreaking. Every animal deserves to have a safe home with warmth, food and shelter. 

TikTok user @Stormandsummit just so happened to show up at the exact right space and the exact right time. Watch the following video to see how these beautiful dogs were saved. 

Such a touching story. We love how she calls these her "soul dogs." @MaishahM posts, "I don't care what the circumstances are I’m NEVER abandoning my dog.. especially dropping them off to a park with a note attached. Thanks for saving them." @Gloriacasella55 adds, "It's so great that you not only took them, but kept them together. God bless you." @Babyhaaze compassionately comments, "I hope the original owners see this and find comfort in knowing those dogs found a wonderful forever home. Thank you for taking them home."

It's good samaritans like this who make the world a better place for everyone, including dogs. We are so happy these beautiful animals found a safe and loving forever home. 

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