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Woman Accidentally Trains Her Dogs to Need an Afternoon Nap and We Totally Feel Them

Dog training is never easy, but usually you really want to try and nail the basics. Well one woman on TikTok is now admitting that somehow she made a dog training goof. And now her two Bernedoodles need an afternoon nap every day. D'oh!

Allie Beckwith (@alliebeckwith) shared the tidbit in a new video on her page. Thankfully, it seems like the dog mom has a good sense of humor about things, but we could definitely see how this situation is less than ideal. 

The clip shows one of Beckwith's dogs begging to be let into her room. "We accidentally trained our dogs to need an afternoon nap," she wrote in the video's text overlay.

The video has since been watched over 775,000 times. "I PURPOSELY trained myself this way too," @prissycoulibaly wrote in the comments section. "I did the same. Everyday from 4-6," @bkg9389 joked. "I accidentally did this too and now at 2pm daily she’s sitting at the bedroom door trying to bait me to bed," @jenny2legit shared. "Haha my dogs are trained to wake up to my alarm in the morning. When I snooze it, they do NOT accept that," @k.l.h.1997 chimed in.

We guess there are worse things than your dogs needing a daily nap — and hey, at least you get some serious cuddles out of the deal.

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