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Video of Dogs Dressed Up in Their 'Bat Wings' Has Us So Ready for October

Do you smell that? Pumpkin spice is in the air! It may only be the beginning of the coziest, most colorful time of the year, but @dogsanddisney is more than ready for spooky season. Just take a look at her pups! 

In their adorable viral video, which skyrocketed to popularity basically overnight, 3 of @dogsanddisney's canines show off their 'bat wings.' Yep--these dogs have Halloween costumes of their very own, and they're already ready to go! We won't tell them it's not even October yet, especially if they'll keep wearing their adorable wings!

We're 'fall'-ing for these adorable pups already, aren't you? We don't know how anyone could resist those precious lil' bat wings, even if the pups aren't too sure of them yet. 

"There's a 'get this damn thing off me' waiting line 😂😂," commented @indelicatedesignsbyhope. LMAO! It's hard to miss the two sugar-faced Black Labs chilling next to their owner, and if we had to guess what they were waiting for, taking off the wings would be at the top of the list. Not for their Great Dane sibling, though!

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"YAS! Giant dog with some little wings!!! 🥰," @emmyrae99 wrote. We thought the same exact thing! This big pupper looks oh-so-cute with their tiny lil' wings, and we wouldn't change it one bit. 

For our YA/fantasy literature fans out there, you'll love who @quartzmouse compared the dogs to: "Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel." OMG, yes! Tons of other viewers thought of these characters from A Court of Thorns and Roses, too. In fact, it was the most-liked comment! Who knew a simple bat costume would cause so much excitement? (Hint: @disneyanddogs did, and we're so glad!)

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