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Dog Parent Tries to Capture Serene Beach Outing and Things Go Hilariously Wrong

Outdoor outings with furry friends can be extra special...and extra funny. You can truly never know what to expect with a dog by your side, but when you have two, things can get even more crazy. Just ask @tinkandboo's mom!

These two cavapoo girls are full of spunk and sass, but even they surprised their mom--and all of TikTok--with this photobomb. To be fair, it was Tink who decided that the scene needed a little spicing up, and let's just say she got the job done. Well, hey, at least it was a beach trip they'll never forget!

LMAO! We don't know what we were expecting, but it certainly wasn't that. Tink just scooted right on by! She really DGAF about ruining her mom's serene beach video, and her TikTok fans can't get enough.

"Always rely on the animals to do something funny 👍🏻🤣," wrote @user9810198333745. Right? Whether it's butt scooting or anything else, not a day of pet ownership will go by without your furry friend making you laugh--that's just a fact! Take @goodgirlpoppydog, for example. She wrote, "I’m HOWLING 😭😂," and we'd be lying if we said we weren't too! 

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“'Called exfoliating darling this sea salt sand scrub is exquisite' 😂," @mariecarty75 said. LOL! We've heard of that for hand and food exfoliation, but for booties? We're not convinced! Whatever itch this cutie was scratching, we hope she got it! 

Commenter @_deputyxtine_ interpreted the scoot in a slightly different way. She wrote, "'this beach doesn't smell like us' 'there it does now,'" and we could totally see that happening! It seems like a logical thought process for a pup, even if nothing about it seems logical to us. Oh well--beach days are all about having a fun time, right?

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