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Dog's Reaction to Popular 'Disney' TV Show Is Totally Priceless

We're about to jog your memory for this clip. Who remembers the Disney show 'Bear in the Big Blue House?' The big fluffy bear that lived in a house and would sing with the moon? Maybe this video from TikTok user @kovuthestaffy will help you remember.

This English Staffordshire Terrier was sitting on the couch with the TV on. We bet you'll remember the show once you see the camera pan to the character. And just as we used to sit intently watching this back in the day, this doggo was doing the same! Apparently, all dogs love this show. Who would've thought!? 

O.M.G. We told you this would be a blast from the past. One thing is for certain though, this dog looks way cuter watching the show than we ever did. LOL! Really though, who knew this show would still be popular all these years later!? Now you best believe we're rewatching it with our dogs after seeing this clip. LOL! 

The creator wasn't wrong when she said apparently dogs love this show because TikTokers are agreeing in the comments. @sarahkate1890 wrote, "I can confirm this." @jodisandoval0 added, "Mine also did head tilts and sat and watched with me!" Stop it. That's too cute! 

This Staffy was so focused. You can tell that the dog was actually listening by the head tilts and the perked-up ears. "Dog's like, 'How d'you know it was me?'" commented @pamcelli. He truly believed the bear was talking to him. LOL! We need more of this content and we need it now! 


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