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Video Showing 'Day Care Dogs' Growing Up Is So Touching

Dogs grow up so fast! One minute they are squirmy little puppies trying to chew everything they can get their little mouths on and the next they are full-grown dogs who can (mostly) follow commands and take up half your bed when you go to sleep at night. If you want to see something that will touch your heart @Campcaninesb has posted the sweetest video to get all of you dog lovers in your feels. 

Just look at the difference between these puppies to how they've grown up now. This coupled with that sad Taylor Swift song has us all a bit emotional. 

So sweet! We love seeing how some of the dogs are doing the exact same thing as puppies as they are doing now. We are looking at you Honey with your love of playing in water. @Rosebrook600 agrees with that and says, "Loving the fact that honey still loves that little spot!" @Hail noticed the same thing and said , "Some things never change, yes Honey I’m looking at you." @IDC posts, "This is adorable, ugh, they’re so freaking cute!" 

Such precious babies all grown up now. As much as we all love puppies watching them transform into their adult doggy selves is just so sweet. 

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