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Dogs Captivated by Their Mom Playing the Guitar Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

Music has so much power. No matter the mood you are in, there's always a song that relates to how you're feeling. Songs can even make the memories better, too. Do you ever wonder what animals think of music? Based on one particular TikTok account, we have a feeling they love it just as much as we do. 

Meet TikTok user @myguitaranddog. This musician created the perfect account on TikTok that pairs together great music and good dogs. In her videos, she's playing the guitar, and her two dogs are sitting along next to her in awe and vibing to the music. It must be true what they say, music soothes the soul! 

Aww! This is one of the sweetest things we've ever seen! You can just tell how much these dogs love music. They're in a trance with her beautiful playing. "You can see and feel peace. The little guys are pure unconditional love," commented @chupacabra48___.  "Beautiful music! Your dogs seem spellbound," added @Larry Woodrick. They're clearly loving the music and could be there all day. "They're so mesmerized, it's beautiful," said @TATO8980. 

But of course, there are funny comments that are claiming these dogs are thinking about something other than the music. @juanjassobyjj said, "They are thinking: 'When she is going to feed us??' 😂." @Mental Miggy added, "He's remembering all the wonderful times he fetched the ball 😂." Ha! 

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We still believe they're simply captivated by the music because their faces say it all. 

All of her videos are amazing, and it makes our hearts so happy to see this type of content! "The way the retriever looks at u is melting me," said @Christian French. He's so in love with the music! "This makes me so happy to see. The sweetest audience ❤️," commented @MellieMelT. If we had any musical talent, this is the type of audience we'd play for. But since we can't, let's hope she keeps playing for these pups!

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