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Dogs' Magical Way of Getting Baby to Stop Crying Is Just Priceless

There are plenty of tricks parents can use to help stop their crying baby. One might rock them back to sleep or others might go on a walk in a stroller. Some very exhausted parents might even load the baby up in a car and go for a drive. The movement apparently soothes a crying baby. But based on this video from TikTok user @wolfyjohnthomas, none of those tricks come even close to what happened in this house.

A recent video shows a baby crying away as any other baby does. Instead of the parents coming to the rescue and trying to stop the crying, the dogs of the house stepped in. The way these fur babies get the baby to silence will make you want to train your dog immediately! It's so, SO impressive!

LOL! We knew there was a Husky in the family, but we were not expecting another doggo to join in on silencing the baby! They clearly understood the assignment and executed it perfectly, taking the new baby under their wing. "I love it. They are singing to the baby," said @tjm158. Yes, the best kind of lullaby! Talk about good harmonizing too!

"Well, that made the baby stop crying 😂," commented @idkyet024. And it worked like a charm! That is what we like to call magic! Now, if only all dogs could learn this trick then parents could get some sleep. LOL!  

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Another TikTok user, @Nichola Selby, wrote, "Baby hooman part of the wolf pack now 😂 how lovely they know how to settle little 1." Absolutely adorable! This is a sign that these three will besties for life. Although the baby isn't too impressed with the dogs yet...Based on the baby's face, he wasn't happy. @suzien53 said, "The baby like, 'Ok I don't sound like that 😂.'" LOL! Soon enough the baby is going to learn to cry back to shush the pups! 

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