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Video of Dogs Excitedly Arriving at Day Care in Santa Barbara Is Going Viral

You know it's going to be a good day when it starts with a bunch of dogs. In case you need any convincing, though, check out this video from @campcaninesb. The self-proclaimed "Disneyland for dogs" posted the most. adoptable TikTok of their guests arriving for the day, and the results are positively priceless.

From the early birds to the fashionably late, it's impossible not to love these happy-go-lucky dogs. They look so excited about daycare!

Isn't it amazing? The joy that radiates from these pups is infectious, and we're insanely jealous of the person filming it all. They're having the best morning a person could have, if you ask us!

"Seems like they are in their happy place and that their humans arw providing them a good health care," said commenter @rockythekeeshond. Totally! Literally every pup who walked (more like ran) in through the front door seemed excited to start the day--especially Sky the husky

It's just like @astonleah wrote: "These dogs run into daycare happier than my kids run into school 😂." LMAO! To be fair, this place does look insanely fun. Did you see the decor on the inside? We second @martihamre's request for a tour, though this video's sequel will keep us satisfied for now.

We just love this daycare!

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