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Video of Dogs Staring Each Other Down While Waiting for Their Pup Cups Is Just Too Good

Dogs are social creatures — that we know.  And there are certain places where you expect that they're gonna try and chill with other dogs. But people were absolutely cracking up over an impromptu meeting between two dogs because of the *ahem* very unusual circumstances. We guess you could call this their meet-cute!

We're sure that these two were just minding their own business when they caught sight of each other while in line at the Starbucks drive-through. The incredible moment was captured by @rschmidtyyy, who saw that something amazing was happening and turned her camera on. "Just a couple of good boys waiting for their pup cup," the video's text overlay reads. Honestly you need to see the intense eye contact these two are having with each other for yourself.

People just can't get enough of these meeting, which is probably why the footage has been watched over 750,000 times. “You’re also getting a pup cup? Me too!” @rachf12 joked in the comments section. "It’s giving Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly Stepbrothers vibes," @thelilliebullard teased. "All great romances start somewhere," @brasco_ho kidded. "What Missed Connections was made for," @pippasplaytime quipped. 

Unfortunately, we don't think either of these dogs are @rschmidtyyy's and we can't really tell if these two are beefing or have finally found love. But we do know that this is freakin' adorable. We're sure these dog owners only thought they were getting coffee during their morning drive — not creating a viral internet smash. 

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Fingers crossed that these guys found each other and are sharing a pup cup somewhere right now!

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