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Adorable Yorkie's Affinity for His 'Pumpkin House' Is Too Cute

There are so many fun things to do in the fall. Rake leaves and jump in the pile. Enjoy your first pumpkin spice latte. Buy a pumpkin and stage a photoshoot with your pet. Or you can do what @GarytheYorkie. This little guy is living his best life because not only did his mom make him a fun new house to play in, it's also doubling as a snack for this precious little Yorkie

This hilariously cute video may inspire you to join in on your own fun fall activity with your furry friend, depending on what size your pet is and how big your pumpkin is! 

His little growl is so adorably ferocious! @Huntermarchand wants a better view of Gary, and posts "Make him a window so we can see him munching!" @KB comments, "He says 'I have food and shelter. Why would I leave?'" @JayJay makes a comment that has us laughing and groaning at the same time, "He puts the Spice in Pumpkin Spice! That was a terrible joke I am so sorry." LOL! 

You may be wondering if pumpkin is safe for dogs to eat , and it is, in moderation. Ideally you should give your pup canned pumpkin, but if your dog chews on a small amount of raw pumpkin it's fine, just as long as they aren't biting off enough to make it a choking hazard. Pumpkins are full of fiber, potassium and Vitamin A. So when you carve your Jack-O-Lantern or get ready to bake your Thanksgiving pie, sharing some pumpkin with your furry friend is fine. Just make sure to document it so you can post it for all of us to enjoy! 

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