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Video of Dogs Living Their Best Lives While Enjoying the Mud Is Priceless

Sometimes it really is the simple things that make you the happiest. A sunset, getting into bed early, or sharing some quality time with your family. Just take one group of dogs, who recently had the time of their lives while playing in the mud. We challenge you not to crack a smile while watching video of them frolicking in the muck.

The video was shared by Brianne Manuel, or @thecrazydoggirl as she goes by online, of Nova Scotia, Canada. Manuel is a dog walker, so she's always taking her pups outside for adventures. But it was a recent day out in the dirt that really struck a chord with viewers online. The video shows several dogs rolling around in the mud, but it was a Golden Retriever and Lab who really caught Manuel's interest. "Oh my God, you two," she says in the footage. But you'll have to watch the video below just to see how messy things were. 

"Living his best life HAHAHA," Manuel wrote in the caption. 

So many people were obsessed with the video that it's since been watched over 4.3 million times. "If I were allowed to have a dog, I would SO let them do this. Probably a peak doggo experience!!!" @artijoker wrote in the comments section. "It’s called a mud bath, mom. Look it up!” @danielleinvirginia joked. "The dog is like yea I’m laying here, maybe she won’t notice the bottom half is covered in mud," @lauraleighgroppo teased. "Of course it's a Golden Retriever. My golden does the same," @goldenlifeofbailey wrote in. 

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Manuel probably wasn't even mad that the pups got so dirty. After all, their happy faces make it darn near impossible to feel anything but joy.

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