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Dogs Get Totally Spooked by Lifelike Stuffed Animal 'Sleeping in Their Bed'

Wow. Stuffed animals these days are so lifelike, sometimes it's hard to tell whether they're toys or a real cat or dog. One pet owner decided to put things to the test to see if her dogs could tell the difference between a real pup and a fake one. Let's just say the video of the dogs that was shared on TikTok by @jannavitolazeller will make you do a double take! 

In the clip, which has over a million views, you'll see this stuffed animal head of a dog (or maybe it's a stuffed dog mask). The creator takes it over to the dog bed and arranges some blankets around it. Just wait and see how her dogs react to "someone" sleeping in their bed.

They were totally fooled, not to mention spooked! But honestly, can you blame them? It really did look like a real dog was lying there. People are certainly getting a laugh out of the pups being tricked. @Hogan said, "Love that the 'big scary Pit' didn't go near it til the Shepherd did 🤣." @Erin added, "The first dog went to get its friend for backup 🤣." Haha, totally! Another commenter on the clip, @Amber Lett had another theory about what the pups were thinking, saying, "They can smell that it’s not a real dog, which is why they were so confused lol." Huh. Could be?

Of course, there are a few naysayers who feel like this was kind of a mean prank to pull on the dogs. However, it was really all in good fun on the owner's part! Now that the novelty has worn off, there's really no reason to try and fool them again. Besides, they'd probably be on to her by now, anyway!

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