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Video of Dogs Getting Baptized and Having Their 'First Communion' Is a True Gem

Whether your dog is a gentle giant or a pocket-sized cutie pie, there's no denying it: a pet is part of the family. The ways you decide to include them in familiar traditions will vary from person to person, but nearly everyone is loving the viral canine blessing and first communion that @emilykloch shared on her TikTok account. Her mom and family dogs attended the casual, outdoor ceremony, but over 400 thousand people have reacted to the communion online. 

We can't say that this is something we've heard of before, but we love that it's an option for Catholic pet parents to consider. We're sure this isn't the only pet-inclusive religious celebration, either!

How sweet is this? Everyone seems to be all-smiles at this ceremony, even if the pups are a bit distracted with being outdoors. We love that the priest even has a paw-print vestment for the occasion! 

"Jiggy, Pico, Jack, and Conchita 🥰🤗😍 May God bless them🐶," wrote @faith7_7. Aren't those the best names for a herd of pups? It was so special that the priest took the time to give each dog a blessing--it must've been a lot of talking!

"Are those communion wafers!?" asked @shmerin84. "I'm screaming." It's so great, right? This church really went all out for this ceremony, which had many viewers wondering what exactly the ceremony was. "Y’all, Oct.4th is the celebration a day of St.Francis of Assisi who was the patron saint of animals," @fower_e_ explained. "So Catholic Churches bless pets that day." That makes sense! In our opinion, this tradition should be much more widely known. It's so great!

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