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Dogs' Reaction to Seeing Mom Put on Her Shoes to Take Them on an Adventure Is Precious

Nothing riles up a dog quite like the anticipation of going for a walk. The smallest actions can give away the plan, and before you know it your fur baby is going bonkers with excitement. It's the funniest thing, but it can be chaotic too--just ask @jersey.girl8 and her pups, Silver Labrador Retrievers named Tank and Colt.

In typical Lab fashion, these brothers go all out when expressing their excitement. So much so, in fact, that their mom made a whole video documenting her process of putting on shoes! All bets are off once these two realize she's getting ready to take them outside, and we are positively living for it. Check it out.

The energy from these two is practically endless! It's unbelievable how their mom gets anything done when Tank and Colt are like this. We loved how @john117_masterchief put it in the comments: "I got tired just watching you put your shoes on lol." Us, too! If anyone else told us it takes several minutes to put on their shoes, we may not believe them. After seeing this, though? She definitely has an alibi!

"That’s half of your cardio right there!😂," joked @crash8675309. LOL! Honestly, though, playtime with excited dogs would be the best way to burn calories, even if a tail or paw is whacking you in the face every few seconds. Just like @huntsville2022 said, there's "nothing better than the excitement of dogs." The smile on @jersy.girl8's face says it all!

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Although some commenters feel like they would be overwhelmed if their large dogs acted similarly, many others could relate to this Lab mama. We loved @greeneyedgirlboo's comment, which read "My 2 do the exact same. I used to get annoyed but realized they are just showing joy." That's so sweet--and so true! 

However you choose to look at it, the happiness of this video is infectious. "This clip was so great!!!!" @q.com100 wrote. "You’re very fortunate to have these two and they’re very fortunate to have you!!! One just can’t help feel the love…" You're so right!

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