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Dog’s Airport Greeting for Dad After Not Seeing Him for a Month Tugs at the Heartstrings

We really don’t deserve dogs. They love us so much — and unconditionally to boot. Take one dog on TikTok, who went viral after anxiously waiting at the airport for her human to return from a trip. We can't know for 100 percent sure exactly what Frankie the Golden Retriever was thinking as she waited for her papa to come home, but the pup was practically floating when she saw her dad walk through the airport doors.

Video of Frankie waiting for her dad, who just happens to be Cleveland Browns football player Isaac Rochell, was recently shared by his wife Allison (@allisonkuch) online. “Took our dogs to the airport to pick up my husband after he’s been gone a month,” she wrote in the video’s onscreen caption.” Before Isaac landed, Frankie looked so darn sad. But everything completely flipped once Isaac walked onscreen. Frankie’s reaction is just so sweet! “She sleeps by the door every night that he doesn’t come home,” Allison wrote in the video’s onscreen caption.

People in the comments section were tearing up seeing these two together. “Okay make me cry before bed why don’t ya,” @rachsullivan__ wrote. “Bro moved her head so fast when you said who is it,” @juliodagulio teased. “We don’t deserve dogs. We just don’t! This is precious!” @emilybrooke_83 wrote. "How sweet she missed him you can tell. Maybe lay one of his shirts down for her to sleep on with his smell," @mavericksmom2020 suggested. 

Later in the thread, Allison wrote that her husband was only going to be home for a week while the rookie players on his team have football camp "and then he’s gone for another month," she explained. But don't worry, if we'd have to place a safe bet, we'd guess that Isaac will be thinking about his doggos the entire time. "I love them," he wrote in the comments section.