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Dog's Guilty Reaction to Chewing Something in the House Cracks Us Up

Even if you're in for a laugh in the end, guilty dogs are just too much. They're the pure definition of drama! Whether or not you've even found what they've eaten or destroyed, those telltale facial expressions just can't lie. 

That's probably why TikTok is loving @meaghanmalcolm's hilarious video of her guilty Goldendoodle. Everything from his posture to his closed eyes is just so funny--as if he could simply hide from the evidence of his chewing!

What a silly pup! We can't get enough of his avoidance skills, though his parents probably had more than enough of his chewing. At least they got a viral video to make up for it!

"I didn’t see it so there for I didn’t do it!!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂," wrote commenter @onewittywitch67. That's precisely his logic! At first we thought it was pretty ridiculous, but when we thought about it--it's kind of genius. He did get some scratches from dad before the video was even over!

Viewer @mrsjackson1984 agreed, "he’s blind so he couldn’t have 😂," so let him off the hook! TikTok is basically a jury of his peers, and we find him not guilty. @Tiffmyranda reminded the pup that he "needs a lawyer," too. Perhaps his fur brother will volunteer! After all, this denial just might be a Doodle thing. 

"My parents doodles do that too," shared @larissachung. "They look away like what?" LOL! We have no idea how well this strategy works, but it's quite entertaining either way. 

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