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Video of Mini Bull Terrier Dressed As Halloween Ghost Couldn't Be Better

Just when you thought dogs couldn't get any cuter October rolls around and we start to see all these ridiculously cute videos of dogs in their Halloween costumes! Sure, kids are cute when dressed up for the holiday, but dogs are on a whole other level.

Case in point? Wonderful Sparky here who just couldn't be any more adorable while celebrating spooky season. Watch the spooky-silly video below and try not to laugh.

The @Sparkyminibullterrier posted the wickedly cute video of Sparky and his fans couldn't be more thrilled. @Domesticatedpotnoodle says "Come to my with that outfit on Halloween, I don't care I'm giving you all of the candy I have." @Samkorbana says "Aaaaaaaaa! You just scared me! Have a good Halloween Sparky." @Cupheadilpro says "How cute!!"

Bull Terriers are such joyful pups with good senses of humor and it almost looks like Sparky is smiling under his ghost costume. We would also give him all the Halloween candy, ok, not candy, but all the doggy treats if he came to visit us on Halloween! 

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