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Woman Finds Random Cat Lounging in Her House and the Kitty’s Reaction Is Perfect

You’d think an intruder would try to get in and out of a house as quickly as possible. Right? Because the slower they go, the more they run the risk of getting caught. Although, some masterminds don’t think things all the way through. And other masterminds, or in this instance master cats, have no worry about getting caught. In their minds, that property is now theirs.

TikTok user @juliabadewrites filmed a recent video of herself coming home and finding a small, but mighty intruder. The text on the video says, “We do not own a cat,” but in the video, there’s a cat lounging on a bed in the house as if he owns the joint. What on earth?! This master cat’s reaction leads us to believe he knew what he was doing. 

LOL! Is he serious with that look?! He turns to the camera as if it was such an inconvenience for them to come home, into HIS home. The creator thinks it was the dogs that decided to let this cat in. A civil transfer of power, huh? 

Or maybe what happened is what @K. August Rose theorized, “Somebody was out drinking late last night and ended up in the wrong house again.” LMAO! Again?! How many times can this happen to one person or cat? We think it was the universe telling the family they needed a cat in the 3-dog household. “You have been chosen! Meow,” commented @Annette.

Although the video said the family doesn't own a cat, @TheMotherBirdie's witty response was, "Looks like ya do now." HA! Time to care for a new four-legged friend. And did this family do just that! 

We love how this unexpected and special surprise turned into a new family member! This lucky cat is now named Jack. The update says Jack loves exploring the house, and he gets along with the rest of the dogs. Aww! See, Jack knew that was his place from the start!