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Dogs’ Reaction to Neighbor Putting a Hole in Fence for Them to See Each Other Is Too Cute

Dogs are curious creatures. They're always sniffing everything they can on walks, figuring out who or what might've been there before. And when in the comfort of their own homes, they're peering out the window and running to the door to investigate who arrived. They're what we like to call nosy roommates. Not that we mind nosy dog roomies because, in fact, we don't at all, especially when they're as cute as these very curious black labs

Apparently, these two doggos have become very fond of learning what is going on beyond the fence. That's when their owner decided it was time for them to see themselves. TikTok user @karileywrites revealed what her neighbor built for these nosy pups and it's brilliant! We want every dog fence to have this! 

O.M.G. That is SO sweet of the owner to build a window in the fence! Now the two labs can peer through the fence to learn about the neighbor's latest gossip. LOL! Plus, the TikToker creator's dog was loving it too! No more talking over the fence, they can spill the tea to each other snoot to snoot! 

We have to admit, we're a little jealous. @A.j. Omlie wrote, "I would end up putting my head through to say hello 😂." Same here! We would purposely walk by this fence every single day to see these dogs. @readynow5555 said, "That's my kind of neighbor." This is what we mean when we say we wouldn't mind a nosy neighbor. LOL! 

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As it turns out, the window is located at the back of the fence and it looks out into a park. These labs and the creator's dog play at the park together all the time, she wrote in the comments. So not only will the window be perfect for these nosy labs, but they will also know when their favorite neighbor is at the park!

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