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Woman's Reminder About How Much Dogs Love Their Daily Walks Is a Wake-Up Call

Owning a dog is tough work. Their energetic nature is hard to keep up with. From all the playing and running around to the endless treats and toys we buy them, there's not a day where you can just sit and relax. And sometimes, life gets too busy that we have to cut down on their daily walk time. For us it's nothing, but to them it's everything.

We understand it's easy to get frustrated with your furry bestie when on a walk. They tend to take their time, sniffing every little thing. We've all been there before where we drag them along to keep moving. But TikTok user @hippodogcreations gave us some advice to always remember. These walks are a dog's favorite part of the day and so we all need to cherish their walks as much as they do. It's a simple reminder that we all need to carry with us daily. 

Wow, this is the reminder we all very much needed. A beautiful wake-up call. Not that we aren't taking care of our doggos, it's just sometimes life catches up to us and we can't give them the walks they deserve. But this video really made us think again! Let your dog lead the way and let them sniff all the trees they want. 

"I always say it's her walk, not mine," commented @mermaidgirl420420. AW! It's true though, they love these walks more than anything. @Lisa Leung added, "So true and they tolerate us when we do pull them to our direction and still love us unconditionally and so patient." Ugh, what did we do to deserve dogs?! They're way too good for us! 

"😭😭😭😭 omg. I rushed my babe tonight because I was so tired. THIS is the perspective I needed to remember," said @_ashley.mci. Hey, it happens to all of us. We're running late or exhausted from a stressful day so we only take them out for a short walk. But again, we need to do more for our dogs! "Remember that they're just a portion of our life but we're their ENTIRE lives❤️," wrote @Alexis Renee Thrasher. And now we're crying!! We pledge to be better for our puppos!