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Dogs' Precious Reaction to Impending Arrival of Rescue Kittens Touches Our Hearts

When it comes to the furry friends in rescues and shelters, foster families make a world of difference. From the people who ensure their needs are met to their animal siblings who teach them trust, each is an absolute angel. 

Khaleesi and Drogo are no exception. These sweet pups are still new to the foster sibling game, but their love and excitement for their expected rescue kittens match that of any veteran. In this sweet video posted to her TikTok account, @taraanne353, Drogo and Khaleesi's mama hypes up her pups before the arrival of their feline siblings. 

Little Miss Khaleesi is so expressive--we just love her! It's clear to see how much she's enjoyed having kittens around in the past. We don't get to see Drogo for as long as his sis, but he's just as happy about the babies' arrival. Just as @miaspias commented, "Drago's tail is awesome lol." It shows just how excited he is! 

Other viewers like @lcbofernandez loved "how she named her dogs after characters from the Game of Thrones."  This was such a popular detail, in fact, that commenters suggested naming the kittens after GOT characters, too! 

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As adorable as the doggos are, we were a bit surprised that this video was a one-way ticket to Anticipation Station. And so were commenters like @captain.72, who joked, "You might as well ha[ve] said you were bringing in baby unicorns. We won’t see them, either."

Actually, the top 5 most liked comments addressed the lack of kittens, much to no one's surprise. Luckily, this amazing foster family followed up with an adorable update. 

They were just as precious as we imagined they would be! Khaleesi is such a sweetheart too, trying so hard to be gentle while she meets her new fur siblings. We love her new title that @zappydoodah suggested, too: "Khaleesi, Mother of Kitties,"--and an excellent one, at that!

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