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Video of Dogs Dutifully Waiting by the Front Door for Mom Couldn't Be Any Better

All dog owners know that our dogs hate to be left behind. When we don't bring them with us on errands, they will often lay by the front door and wait for us to get home. One woman's dogs thought their owner was in the front yard and waited for her return, but quickly realized they had been bamboozled!

TikTok user @shandandherdogs recently shared a video of her five dogs waiting for her by their front door. These pups were under the impression their mom was outside, so they were eagerly awaiting her return at the door. Unbeknown to them, she had entered through the back and was sneaking up behind them! Check out the video to see how they react when they realize mom is already in the house.

Aww, these pups had such a sweet reaction to seeing their mom! We love how they all immediately rushed over when they heard her voice, except the Samoyed, who had to do a double take when Mom walked in. She certainly surprised them!

People in the comments thought these dogs had a wonderful display of love for their mom. @rene2808 said, "Loyalty overdrive. Dogs are the best," and @lmrg100 commented, "Hahahaha so precious! What’s it like to be loved by so many precious babies?" She is one lucky momma to be receiving such an extraordinary amount of love from so many sweet dogs!

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Others thought it was amusing how long it took the Samoyed to notice compared to the rest of the dogs. @nd4530 commented, "The white one, bless, took a while to catch on that you were inside," and @haymonty said, "The way the white floof was still waiting. Adorable." In her own comment, their owner said, "He's my sweet old man. He's going deaf so he's on the slower reaction side!" How charming that he was still standing there and waiting for her despite his age! This is the prime example of unconditional love between a pup and their owner.

This pack of pups clearly has a lot of love their mom, but we can't help but think this prank she pulled on them is too funny! Maybe these dogs should set up a patrol between the five of them to have all doors covered by a look out in the future. 

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