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Dog's Morning Greeting for His Grandparents While Staying at Their House Couldn't Be Better

The relationship between your pup and your parents is extra special. As “grandpawrents,” they’re just as responsible for spoiling your dog as you are, but you just know they’re going to do it bigger and better. That’s probably why one dog online was recently so excited to see his grandma and grandpa when staying at their house. Thankfully, his mom captured the whole adorable moment on camera and recently shared it on TikTok. 

The video from shows Nosh, an Australian Cattle Dog, just before he’s about to go down to the kitchen and see his Savta (Grandma) and Boppa (Grandpa) for the first time that day. “This is how he greets them every morning,” his owner @sky.q wrote in the video’s onscreen text. Nosh’s reaction is absolutely hysterical — he’s so excited, you’d think he was about to meet Oprah! “His excitement never wanes,” @sky.q added in the caption.

People in the comments section couldn’t stop laughing at Nosh’s overflowing love for his grandma and grandpa. “I love an emotionally available dog,” @secowi wrote. “He’s the most loving dog!!!” @dreamweaver028 added. “This is the cutest thing ever,” @thatdangyankee gushed.

And some people were just a little bit jealous of Savta and Boppa for being on the receiving end of all that puppy love. “I love how vocal he is 🥰 I wish I had a doggy that was happy to see me when I got home 🥺 best feeling ever,” @ennetriaaa wrote. “Your parents must be angels for him to act this way,” @sociallywhimsical commented. “My sister-in-laws dog cries like this when he sees me. I’m one of three people, it’s the highest honor I can claim 😂,” @hangry_bubble joked. 

All jokes aside, being the object of a dog's affection really is the best feeling in the world. After all, no one loves you like your pet!