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Video of Dogs Waiting for Their Names to Be Called Before Passing a Gate Is Downright Impressive

Teaching one dog a trick takes a lot of time and effort. Then when you add another fur friend into the mix, pure chaos. That's why were beyond impressed with how this owner was able to train not one or two dogs, but seven! You might've seen these well-behaved puppos before from their viral video that had over 12 million views. But we're here to show you the remake this creator posted because it's just as amazing, if not better.

Meet TikTok user @porkypuds. A happy family with 7 dogs all ranging in size and age. One thing in common between all these dogs is how well trained they are. In this remake, all of the dogs are sitting down behind the doggy gate, waiting to be called. You're probably thinking, "There's no way this will work." But hold back that thought because what you're about to see is incredible! 

LOL! Have you ever seen a trick as impressive as this before?! Sure, there are unique, one-of-a-kind tricks animals do. But the fact that all 7 dogs are patiently waiting at the same time, that's unheard of! No one budged until their name was called. So cool! 

TikTok users are commenting on which dog stood out to them the most. @flossiecarpenter wrote, "Diva said, 'Esscuse me it’s my time to shine.'" LOL! She felt like a princess being called first! "Willow was so gentle and sweet moving through," added @w4yn3tr4in. She took the most gentle of steps we've ever seen! It's cool to see all their different personalities from just them walking.

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"Such good puppers," said @bungo.jpg. No really, they're the bestest in all the land! "I'm in love ❤️ what beautiful, smart babies! Chilli has my whole heart," added @tia_1715. Not just Chilli, but all of these dogs have a hold on our hearts and the hearts of TikTokers! 

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