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Dogs' Reactions to Their Brand New Fenced-In Back Yard Are Too Good to Miss

A little taste of freedom is always so sweet, isn't it? Whether it's a newly-licensed driver getting behind the wheel for the first time, or a dog experiencing the pleasure of being off-leash, we have to celebrate these small victories in life.

And in a new video that was shared on TikTok by @fearpack, we're treated to seeing two fur siblings experiencing their very own fenced-in back yard for the first time. In the clip, you'll see the Pit Bull Terrier and Yorkiepoo anxiously awaiting for dad to open the sliding glass door that leads to the yard. And when he finally does open it? The reactions from these pups truly say it all! 

Aww! Could they be any sweeter? In true dog fashion, the very first thing they did after walking through the door was to have a good sniff of their new surroundings. We love how they were both a little bit cautious at first, as if to say, "What is this place?" People are loving how pure and innocent this moment is. One commenter, @Amy Coleman Bell could totally relate to the clip, saying, "This was the best feeling when we got our new house!!!" Another TikTok user, @Shelly Kee added, "My husband and I bought our house because of the backyard for our rescue pup. People don’t believe us but it’s true." We totally understand. Any loving dog owner would do the same!

Yet another commenter, @Mommin' ain't pretty, noted how wonderful these pups' owners must feel, saying, "Great feeling to give that to them isn’t it?! 🥰" It truly is! Just like human kids, there's nothing we won't do for our fur babies. And seeing them content and happy is what makes us so happy in return! We're sure after a bit more exploring, these dogs won't be able to get enough of their beautiful back yard! 

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