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Dogs' Mini Outdoor Pool and Patio Must Be Seen to Be Believed

We all know someone who goes over-the-top for their dogs. But TBH, that's not always a bad thing. Some people get really creative in giving their dogs the best of the best, including one man on TikTok who's gone viral for the unreal pool set-up he made for his Dachshunds. Some dogs really live the life!

The appropriately named World’s Best Dog Dad (@theworldsbestdogdad) showed off his three dogs' fancy digs in a video that has over 680,000 views. And yes, these dogs live better than most of us. "Alright everyone, it's finally here. My dogs' mini-outdoor pool and patio," the TikTok creator can be heard saying over the footage. Not only do the dogs have a totally cute inflatable pool that they can swim in — they each have their own cabana bed too! The pool "helps them cool off in the hot Atlanta sun," the dad explained. But trust us, you need to see the whole thing for yourself!

The comments section was just as impressed as we were. "Previously, I stated that my dog threatened to relocate to your house. I just hid her backpack and am packing mine. I will need a bigger pool," @momma_s1 teased. "When I die I wanna come back as your dog," @carrielopp joked. "Excuse me I want to book this resort for my fur baby please," @mzjayy05 quipped. "I thought my dog was treated like a king. This is the best. I seriously need to up my game," @ccarey1980 admitted. 

Yep, we think everyone is considering upping the ante now. 

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