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Dogs at Kentucky Dog Day Care Sneak Into the Pool for a Swim and We Can't Stop Laughing

A dog boutique and daycare in Lexington, KY, known on TikTok as @southernbarker, had a little bit of an accident one day. Nothing terrible so worry not! A few dogs got into trouble, just like kids. 

Employees at this doggy day care were cleaning the area and leading the dogs back to their assigned playgroups. By mistake, the door to the pool wasn't fully latched. A couple dog daredevils nudged it opened and well, they made a pool day out of it. HA! 

LMAO! We can't stop cracking up at this. It just goes to show how similar dogs and kids are. They're both getting into trouble and always wanting to play no matter the consequences. "They’re like, 'Hey Yeah! Join us! This is so fun! Thanks for leaving the gate open for us! Weeeeeeee!' 😂," commented @lovensassylabahoulas4evr. They don't care that summer is over. They want that pool life forever! 

"Not them realizing they were in trouble and going further into the water 😂😂," said @laz39girl. LOL! Or maybe they did realize and they just didn't care. @Alia_Quinn added, "The black dog ran to the lady and then turned around when he realized what was about to happen and jumped in the pool 🤣." He knew he had to do it quick or else there would be no pool time for him! 

And fret not everyone, all the dogs were safe and the owners understood the human mistake. Only happy tails here! 


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