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Video of Dogs Having a Pool Day at Michigan Doggie Daycare Is Internet Gold

A certain doggy daycare based in Trenton, Michigan is going above and beyond to provide their customers the best time ever. This, as we all know, is so incredibly important for their happiness, especially when they're away from home. And apparently all it takes is a little water, toys and a whole lotta fur. 

You can catch the doggy daycare adventures on their TikTok account @bubblepuppyplayhouse. You just brace yourselves for all the fun! The video that caught out attention starts with a very calm indoor pool filled with toys. But soon enough dogs are swarming the area and it's absolutely perfect! You might even have to watch it a few times because there's so much going on that you don't even know where to start looking!  

This has got to be the coolest pool party we've ever seen! And we're very jealous we weren't invited. LOL! Was anyone else blown away after seeing how many dogs came running in? They just kept coming! We seriously didn't know where to look, which is probably why we watched it a dozen times. We needed to see every dog! 

Of course, the first dog that caught our attention was the first one in the pool. That dog was very hard to miss! @wrenhayes said, "The first one be doing some flips! Future Olympian." That dog had no hesitation getting in the water. So we wouldn't be surprised if he was the next "Water Bud" or something! Ha! "I need a live cam. I need hours of this," added @Wannabeartist. Forget hours, we need days, weeks, months of this! 

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"Oh they are so happy definitely the best place for them," wrote @Esteban Milovich. We've never seen a better doggy daycare! "This is what I imagine it's like in doggie heaven," said @lucyluvwiki. Right?! But we're wondering, can this be our heaven too?! LOL!

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