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Video of Dogs Enjoying a Private Jet Ride to Europe Is Just Too Cool

Everyone dreams of living a life of luxury full of fancy dinners and travel on private jets. Furthermore, we dream of doing this with a couple of adorable dogs by our side. One woman is living this dream, and she shared a glimpse of it in this viral video.

TikTok user @herboozytails recently shared a video of her journey flying on a private jet to Paris, France with her two dogs, Lucas and Cooper. In the video, this user shares the full experience flying internationally with her dogs on a small airplane shared by a few other people with dogs. Check out the video to see the life of luxury these pups are living!

OMG, this is so cool! We love seeing these dogs sitting in the lap of luxury. They deserve all the pampering!

People in the comments are very jealous they weren't on this flight themselves. @kylieford91 said, "This is my dream flight. So many pups. No babies," and @terbiter similarly commented, "This is my dream flight, so many pups." We wish all flights were full of adorable dogs!

Others are very happy that this flight went so successfully. @happilyeverasher commented, "I’m so proud of them! What good babies. Congrats on a successful flight!" and @noodleyorkcity said, "This is amazing! I’m so happy it all went well!" Those pups behaved so well on the flight, we are so impressed!

Their journey on the private jet was so fun to watch in this video. All those dogs were just adorable, and it was so nice to see them enjoying the view during the ride. We want all dogs to get private jets chartered for their travels from now on!

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