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Dogs' Precious Pumpkin Hats Have Us Grinning Like a Jack-o-Lantern

Is it truly Halloween until your furry friends get in on the spookiness? We think not, and these adorable Maltese pups are here to help us prove it. Coco and Cici of @cocothemaltesedog are going viral for showing off their pumpkin hats on TikTok, and we are positively spellbound.

If you're anything like us, you'll be considering making your dog their own pumpkin hat after watching this. It's scary cute!

OMFG! We can't decide what's cuter--the dogs or the hats! Their human is so creative for thinking of this in the first place, but their poses plus this dramatic audio is giving us life. No wonder this video is so popular!

"Omg so cute!" said @mr.waffles.the.rescue. Isn't it? These pups are pros at wearing hats and posing for pictures, but even we weren't prepared for that standing pose. 

Neither was @kazuha, who wrote, "the standing caught me off guard." It was oh-so-cute though! @Pineapplechronicles thought it looked like "he stood up and tried to be a ghost." LOL--you're totally right! This little Maltese is more than ready for Halloween. 

"Bro just flashed us," joked @oh_big_ginge. Ha! Clearly, the jump was the highlight of the video. As was the gorgeous grooming on these fur babies!

"Omg, @terrileighthornton said. How do you keep their eye area so white?" Now that is the million-dollar question. Pet parents of long-haired pups know exactly how difficult eye boogers can be to maintain. Hopefully Coco and Cici will share their beauty routine!

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