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Dogs' Reactions to Dad Pulling Into the Driveway Seriously Deserve Awards

When you have dogs, coming home can be the best part of the day. There's nothing better than opening the door to wagging tails and slobbering, happy faces. If it's not one of the best parts about pet ownership, we don't know what is!

One dog dad gets an extra special welcome every time he pulls into the driveway, though, and even TikTok is impressed by his dogs' excitement. It was all caught on camera and shared on the account @nico.jackson.zoey, which belongs to these three adorable pups. With two Huskies and a Golden Retriever in their trio, this group has personality to spare! 

Just listen to them! Their dad must feel incredibly honored to be welcomed to an opera like this, but we wonder if their neighbors feel the same way. "Omg 😫😫💀💀💀💀💀 id be calling the cops thinking someone needs medical assistance," commented @misjayanat. Oh no! We did get a giggle out of this thought at first, but then we read @nico.jackson.zoey's reply: "It has happened before 😅." Ahh!! Now that's a story we need to hear.

Commenter @vanessa.kmc had a bit of a different take on things. "Neighbors: oh he must be home," she wrote. LOL! We're sure that's the attitude everyone has after spending enough time around noisy dogs, even if--like @hivanic said--"the Huskies sound like an Ambulance 😂😂." No wonder their humans had to get this on film!

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With this group of dogs around, howling can't be the only form of chaos around the house. High energy, constant playtime, large dog food purchases...and we haven't even thought about the shedding!  @Brithefamilyguy made a great point when he asked, "2 huskies and a golden. How often do you vacuum 😂?" Are you sure you really want to know?

Even if they're higher maintenance than smaller, non-shedding dogs, this trio is seriously entertaining. No wonder TikTok totally loves them!

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